Hatbox themed cake

I made this cake for my grandma's 70th surprise birthday party. This staked hatbox themed cake was red velvet with cream cheese frosting. The flowers were handmade with gumpaste, and the "tissue paper" and other decorations were made from fondant.


Carrot Cheesecake

My husband just celebrated his birthday, and for him carrot cake is the ultimate. But this time I wanted to jazz it up a little and add a fun twist. Since he also loves cheesecake, I thought "why not?" So I made a carrot cheesecake adorned with fondant carrots and fronds. It was delicious and will definitely be a family favorite.


M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!

I love all things Disneyland, so when I was asked to make a mickey mouse cake I was all over it! This is a chocolate fudge cake with raspberry cream cheese filling. It is covered in buttercream fondant and topped with cereal treat mickey mouse covered in fondant.

Valentine's cupcakes

These delicious Valentine's cupcakes are milk chocolate chocolate chip with a raspberry puree cream cheese frosting. It's the perfect compliment to these rich chocolate cupcakes. And the candy hearts are a sweet finish.